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Website Revamp (2015-09-30 - Q)
Decided to give the site a face-lift and remove many of the sections that were no longer valid.

The good news is that all the Tunes are still online for your listening pleasure!

Do you like the new "clean modernized" design? If you forgot what the old site looked like, you can compare the 2 designs...



Songs released in Hi-Quality MP3 (2014-05-29 - Q)
The Listen page needed some upgrades...

All the tunes on the Listen page have been upgraded to Hi-Quality MP3 format, increasing their fidelity greatly. Enjoy!

Upgrades done under-the-hood should improve playback compatibility with most browsers.

The long-broken Play Counters are working again... who knows how many listens we missed out on tracking?!?!

Keep Rockin'...

New Tune: 'Crazy Me' (2008-03-23 - Q)
A ridiculous song about schizophrenia loosely based on articles found on the 'net.

New Tune: 'Edge of a Sword' (2008-03-03 - MPH)
Edge of a Sword was written as a tribute to the loss of a close friend I haven't seen in 20 years. We grew much of our taste for music together and often while writing I would think of him and wonder if he would like the music. We spend much of our time buried in life and the moment, always trusting that we'll have time to see and talk to our old friends again. That isn't always the case. Try to connect sooner, not later, or you may regret it.

In memory of Brent Swackhammer and all of those who left us too soon.

New Tune: 'Blackbird' (2008-02-26 - MPH)
This was formerly known as "On the other side" if anyone happened to hear a preview version.

Blackbird is an experiment in Pink Floyd's earlier writing techniques. It's based on continuing a single bass/rhythm line and building instruments on top to make chorus/verse type arrangement. Although nothing like "Welcome to the Machine", it is somewhat of an homage to the song in that it uses this style of writing and uses the "machine" as a metaphor in the lyrics.

It's a dark song. It's about every day work, the grind, and how it wears you down while making money for others. This song is a musical expression of that. Its art, so it's much exaggerated. Keep that in mind.

It's not personal account of anyone in the band. We hope you enjoy.

New Tunes Coming (2008-02-17 - MPH)
New tunes are currently in production the first of which should be posted any day now.

First Song Posted to YouTube as a test (2007-08-15 - MPH)
We've put our first song up on YouTube to test it out, see if we can get some new peeps, and see what happens.

Here it is if you wanna check it out.

Oh BTW, this is a song that's never been released to even our own website. It's high energy and recorded off the floor.

Two new covers: 'Comfy' & 'Rasputin' (2006-05-26 - Q)
One of Pink Floyd's most popular tunes is also a big hit at live PastMidnight shows where we kick "Comfy" into high gear. Recorded off the floor during a jam, this mix is very similar to what you would hear at a live PastMidnight Gig.

A surprise favorite and major crowd-pleaser at PastMidnight Gigs, this version of Boney M's "Rasputin" was recorded off the floor at PastMidnight's 2006 New Year Bash!

New mixes: 'Infatuation' & 'Throw My Heart' (2006-05-25 - Q)
A new mix of "Infatuation" has been posted onsite. Includes Megs on acoustic guitar, Steph on keys and Zach on bass.

A sweet new mix of "Throw My Heart" has also been added.

Still looking for a bass (2006-04-25 - MPH)
We jammed this weekend with a great bass player. Unfortunately, he's in another band and I'm not sure we can steal him away.

SM also joined us for her first live jam on the keys. She did really well for never playing in a live environment before!

Looking for Bass Player (2006-02-02 - MPH)
I hate to even go down this path. We love our bass player so much!
She has however landed her dream job and it's going to keep her travelling North America! She just won't have time for us insignificants anymore. *sniffle*


If your are roughly 20 to 35 years in age, play bass and interested in playing in an original band that does classic rock and contemporary rock styles, call Pete.

We do about a dozen local gigs a year mostly for fun. We have much of our own studio equipment for recording. We don't plan on touring unless one of our recordings made a lucky hit with a producer and we were going to be paid well to do so. We definitely like to record and submit our recordings to contests and producer.

We'll make auditions easy. The first one will be short and sweet. We just want to see you play a few licks and ask some basic questions to make sure your not on crack, or if you are on crack that you are willing to share. We have a bass and amp on site, so there is no excuse!

Season's Greetings (2005-12-26 - Q)
Best Wishes
PastMidnight wishes you, our friends, family, fans, and visitors a Very Merry Christmas, and the greatest prosperity, health, and happiness in the coming New Year !!!

2005 brought a few new songs from PastMidnight, and some great live shows. We look forward to creating great new tunes in 2006 to rock you and yours!


New Tune: 'Where To Go' (2005-10-19 - MPH)
I see Q has mixed up "Where To Go" and dropped it into the juke box. It's a newer tune that has seemed to do well in the live venues.

More to come...

Stuff is Happening (2005-10-13 - MPH)
A number of secret stuffs are happening.


Thanks to everyone at the Grinder (2005-09-06 - MPH)
Face First were really a great bunch of guys to do this with. I hope I get to party with them more in the future.

I don't have the words for how much we appreciate everyone coming out. You're awesome.

I'm not sure what the plan is from here. We have a lot of recording to get done, gigs seem to come out of the woodwork, and Megs is in school right away. There's lots to figure. Hopefully Megs can work us into her classes and the next time you see us it will be a theatrical version of PastMidnight. What ever happens, it's gonna be a ride so stay tuned.

PastMidnight Live @ The Grinder !!! (2005-08-29 - Q)
PastMidnight Live @ The Grinder Friday & Saturday, September 2 & 3, 2005 with Face First!!!

PastMidnight plays a 45 minute set, followed by a 30 minute set by Face First, followed by another 45 minute set by PastMidnight ... all at The Grinder starting at 9:30 pm.

Long Weekend Gigs (2005-08-25 - MPH)
Ms. Management (ha ha get it)... errr...

Ms. Management, a talent promoter that caught our Urban Lounge Gig in Edmonton has booked us Friday Sept 2nd and Saturday Sept 3rd at the Grinder.

Location is 10957 124 Street NW

We'll be sharing the stage with the band Face First whom regularly rocked the Kings Night Pub and has recently turned original. These guys rock and draw a big crowd.

I think the format is PastMidnight opens for a 40-50 minute set. Face First will do their showcase for 60+ minutes, and then PastMidnight will take the stage again to close. This is tentative however, so stay tuned for more details.

Thanks to Everyone (2005-08-23 - MPH)
Thanks to everyone who came out on Thursday to the Urban Lounge. You helped make it the best PastMidnight gig to date. Thanks SM for cleaning the stage. It's funny on the video. Watch on site, we're going to put some of the video from the gig up in a short while.

PastMidnight Live @ Urban Lounge !!! (2005-08-16 - Q)
PastMidnight Live @ Urban Lounge Thursday, August 18, 2005 !!!

PastMidnight plays at the Urban Lounge starting at 11:30 pm. following Edmonton Block Heater.

PastMidnight Live @ The Fox !!! (2005-06-15 - Q)
PastMidnight Live @ The Fox Sunday, June 19, 2005 !!!

PastMidnight plays at The Fox starting at 9:15 pm, followed by Dead End Drive

5th player wanted for the band (2005-07-26 - MPH)
We're looking for a 5th player to help fill in some of the gaps in the band as well as help diversify the music we write. We're willing to consider quite a number of possibilities for the new player. It's difficult to describe what were looking for. Basically, someone who can change it up between guitar and keyboards but we're willing to look at other options that can improve our live sound as well.

Don't be shy, we just like to have good time.

PastMidnight Live @ Urban Lounge !!! (2005-06-07 - Q)
PastMidnight Live @ Urban Lounge Wednesday, June 8, 2005 !!!

PastMidnight plays at the Urban Lounge (2 sets) starting at 10:00 pm.

NEW TUNES!!! (2005-05-24 - Q)
We had a very fun and VERY productive May long weekend!!

We spent some time drinking... and writing lyrics for 4 new songs (thanks to Travis & Kari)!! And drinking... then we spent some time in the studio recording our new tunes as well as re-recording a couple of our old faves!

So be sure to check out our new crunchy tune "Outta My Head"!

More new tunes will be coming soon and we should be out there playing live in the very near future! Stay posted for our Gig dates!

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